Saturday 11th November 2017 saw W Bro Jim Peadon reinstalled as Worshipful Master of the Mountain Lodge, Bombala by RW Bro Russell Yelds in the presence of RW Bro Warren Bruce representing the Grand Master. The Grand Director of Ceremonies was Jim's brother VW Bro Tom Peadon. Brethren travelled from near and far to attend. Lodges from Canberra, Orbost, Bega, Pambula, Cooma were represented with at least 4 Installed Masters attending. After assuming the chair in the second degree, the Installing Master asked the Brethren to rise fo a minute's silence in memory absent Brethren lost at war.

The Lodge again demonstrated it's "family" type reputation when RW Bro Bruce responded to a toast in the South by reminding all present of the passing of a well loved and respected member, W Bro Paul Gimbert, who had passed to the Grand Lodge above during the year. Emotions ran deep as everyone conveyed their feelings to Pauls' widow Alison who was helping with the festive  board and very much still a part of the Lodge..


The Representative, RW Bro Warren Bruce PSGW, presenting W Bro Peadon with his Installed Master's Certificate.


 Grand delegation

fantastic four

 GDC VW Bro Tom Peadon, RW Bro Warren Bruce, W Bro Jim Peadon and RW Bro Russell Yelds. ("The Fantastic 4")

fb 1

RW Bro Bruce Davies, RW Bro Graham Charlton, RW Bro Warren Bruce, W Bro Jim Peadon

fb 5

Some of the Brethren enjoying the Festive Board.


Vale W Bro Paul Gimbert - December 2016

 paul gimbert 2010

W Bro Paul Gimbert and the Grand Master 2010

paul gimbert.paul gimbert 2012 paul gimbert 2013a

Gone but not forgotten.