scottyLodge Caledonia of Canberra takes a Candidate to Lodge Cooma Monaro.

On Friday 1 July Lodge Cooma Monaro carried out a second degree on Bro Ernie Powell of Lodge Caledonia. There were 13 members and 14 visitors present. It was an excellent meeting and Bro John Donnelly delivered his first  charge in a perfect manner having been raised only 2 months earlier.


Later in the evening Bro Donnelly was presented with his Master Masons certificate by the Worshipful Master, Wor Bro Ron Jaajaa. Wor Bro Bernie Alcock occupied the chair at the invitation of Wor Bro Ron Jaajaa for the ceremony of passing. At the completion of the ceremony  Wor Bro Joe Arnold , The Worshipful Master of Lodge Caledonia of Canberra congratulated Bro Power and thanked the brethren of Lodge Cooma Monaro for their participation.


WM Ron Jaajaa presents Bro John Donnelly with his Master Mason's certificate.


WM Ron Jaajaa and W Bro Joe Arnold WM of Lodge Caledonia.


The Candidate and other happy Brethren in the SE Corner.


Junior Warden and guests in the SW.


Brothers-in-Law Michael Newman and John Donnelly.


Bro Daniel Alarcon (Caledonia), a classical pianist, entertains at the festive board.