The Chairman of the Board of Management of our Grand Lodge in Sydney, RW Bro Stephen Green PAGM, presenting W Bro Ron Jaa Jaa with his Installed Masters certificate following his reinstallation by VW Bro Kim Taylor PDGIW in the presence of a delegation of sixteen Grand Lodge Officers and brethren from numerous Lodges in the region.




R.W. Bro Green was accompanied by the Chairman of the Grand Officers Association, RW Bro Wally Mehanna, PSGW, and RW Bro Graham Bennell, PJGW, Chairman of the Masonic Buildings Board, both from Sydney. Also present were the Regional Grand Councillor, RW Bro Graham Charlton, PJGW and the District Grand Inspector of Workings, VW Bro Malcolm Privett. The Grand Director of Ceremonies was VW Bro Kevin Mulcahy, PDGDC.