cakeLodge Eurobodalla Daylight in District 114, held their 25th annual installation meeting on Friday 27th August and as that Lodge and Lodge Pambula Daylight have a fraternal relationship, it is appropriate that some record of that meeting appears here on this newly named web site for District 105.

After many years of trial and tribulation Bro Sid Robinson eventually arrived at the day of being installed in the chair of King Solomon made possible by the brotherly support and encouragement of his fellow members and their partners.

  The Grand Master's Representative for the ceremony was RW Bro Michael Freeman-Robinson, PSGW, assisted by the Grand Director of Ceremonies, VW Bro Ted Herring, PDGIW. They were accompanied by thirteen grand officers from within and without of district 114. Lodge Pambula had a small fraternal delegation of four and several district 114 lodges were also represented with over 80 brethren and partners attending the festive board at the Moruya Masonic Centre.



A colourful Grand Lodge delegation accompany the Representative complete with the Regionlal Grand Counsellor, the District Grand Inspector of Workings, the GDC, a Grand Steward (far left) and two Royal Arch Grand Officers (far right).


The Representative presenting Sid With his installed Masters certificate whil the outgoing WM displys a smile of happiness.


The Immediate Past Master, W Bro Graham Dove being presented with his past master's jewel.


W Bro Rolly Hammond explains the intricacies of the traditional "2-ball-cane" while the GDC Ted Herring looks on. Eurobodalla have a quaint custom of presenting the IPM with a 2-ball-cane in recognition of his year or more in the chair. The canes are hand made and contain a partially open section with 2 wooden balls inside, just viewable in the picture below. Only the maker knows how the balls are put in the recangular hole. A true Masonic mystery.


Graham looking pleased with his new acquisition.


The Past Masters of the Lodge with their 2-ball-canes.



The Grand Master's Representative, the Worshipful Master, Immeduate Past Master and the Installing Master, VW Bro Rex Williams whoc was the foundation Master of the Lodge 25 years previous.


Before the meeting...........


.........and afterwards at a very pleasant and nicely decorated festive board both by flowers and ladies.


The silver anniversary birthday/installation cake beautifully decorated with a master's apron. The Brethren of Dostrict 105 wish W Bro Sid and his Brethren all the very best for 2010-2011 and the next 25 years.