Braving the Winter conditions, the Grand Master and his partner, Judith Morrice, left Pambula on Saturday 10th July and headed for Bombala there to witness a third degree ceremony to raise Michael Newman at the Mountain Lodge as part of his tour of the South East corner of NSW. Michael is a member of Lodge Cooma Monaro and will no doubt remember this ceremony for many years.


The Grand Master meeting Brethren with over 50 year service to the Craft


MW Bro Dr Greg Levenston with the current DGIW, Malcom Privett and the DGIW designate W Bro Tom Peadon. Surprisingly both are smiling!


The WM of Lodge Cooma Monaro, W Bro Ron Jaa Jaa with his 2 Entered Apprentices and 2 Fellowcrafts.


Michael being presented with his Master Mason's certificate by the Grand Master.


The Mountain Lodge Director of Ceremonies, VW Bro Russell, Yelds discussing a point of protocol with the Grand Director of Ceremonies, RW Bro Doug Grigg.


The Grand Master with W Bro Paul Gimbert, the Worshipful Master of the Mountain Lodge who conducted the ceremony.