Most Masonic meeting places are owned by the Lodge or Lodges which meet there. It is in effect their Home and like any other home there are expenses involved in keeping the premises in good condition and in paying local Council fees and other costs. In order to help the members pay these costs it is necessary for them to hire out their halls to other groups and individuals.The building in the above photo is over 100 years old and used to be the Pambula Primary School. It became the Masonic Temple when the school moved to another location. From the outside it is not easy to appreciate the hall which is available for hire inside the premises. The following two photos show the size of the available space which is curerently available for hire along with photos of the kitchen facitlities.

For bookings and further information about price and availability please contact

Neil Dawson on 0411 440 331 or Harley Jenkins on 0417 393 107.