dgiwjewelFrom September 2013 there are 4 Masonic regions in New South Wales. Prior to that date there were 13. Each region has several Districts and in each District there are several Lodges which meet in one ot more masonic meeting places, previously referred to as "Temples".

Region 4 covers the bottom third of New South Wales and includes the Australian Capital Territory, Yass, Goulburn, Braidwood, Cootamundra, Harden, Cooma, Bombala, Bega and Pambula, Wagga and other towns all the way to the South Australian border.


Each region is managed by a Regional Grand Counsellor and each district has a District Grand Inspector of Workings who reports to his RGC on a regular basis. The district covered by this web site is numbered 105 which means it was the 5th district in region 10. From September 2014 its number will change to 49 when it amalgamates with District 114 which covers Bateman's Bay to Narooma.

Back in 1996 there were only 2 regions (North and South NSW) and districts were numbered consecutively. District 103 included coastal Lodges from Bateman's Bay to the Victorian border including Bega Remembrance, Baddeley and Pambula Daylight. District 104 comprised only two Lodges, namely Cooma-Monaro and The Mountain Lodge in Bombala.

It was around that time that Regional Grand Counsellors came into being with the creation of regions and new districts. In 1996 District 105 was created and encompassed Lodges in Cooma, Bombala, Bega and Pambula and had for its first District Grand Inspector of Workings, VW Bro Viv Fleming. The first Regional Grand Counsellor for Region 10 was RW Bro Bob Perriman, PAGM. This historic photo was taken at the re-installation of Kim Taylor in Lodge Cooma Monaro in 2008:-


From left Terry Twyford DGIW 2000-2002, Charles de Rochefort 2006-2008, Mike Dalton RGC 2008, Kim Taylor DGIW 1998-2000, Bob Perriman RGC 1996, Russell Yelds DGIW 2004-2006, Warren Bruce 2002-2004, Viv Fleming 1996-1998.

A complete list of DGIW's for District 105 is as follows:-


Kim Taylor 1998-2000 (PSGW 2021)


Terry Twyford 2000-2002


Warren Bruce 2002-2004 (PAGM 2021)


Russell Yelds 2004-2006 (PAGM 2022)


Charles de Rochefort 2006-2008


Malcolm Privett 2008-2010 (PJGW)


Tom Peadon 2010-2012


Kevin Mulcahy 2012-2014 (Last for District 105) (PAGM 2022)

Neil Dawson 2014-2016 (First & last for District 49)


VW Bro Bernie Alcock, DGIW First for District 49B, 2016-2018


VW Bro Ron Jaajaa, DGIW District 49B 2018-2020


VW Bro Alf Gallina, DGIW District 49B 2020-2022