Saturday night 10th November 2018 saw the 128th annual installation meeting of the Mountain Lodge at Bombala. RW Bro Russell Yelds, PSGW, was reinstalled in the Chair of King Solomon by RW Bro Warren Bruce, PSGW, in the presence of the Grand Master's representative, the DGIW for District 49B, VW Bro Ron Jaajaa. The Grand Director of Ceremonies was VW Bro Tom Peadon, PDGIW. The ceremony has been described as bookless (ritual) and faultless and in keeping with the traditional and legendary Mountain installations. In other words, a great night was had by all who attended.


Representative presenting the WM with his certificate of reinstallation.


Delegation of Grand Officers from Canberra, Bega, Pambula, Cooma and Orbost in Victoria.


The Representative presenting the outgoing Master, W Bro Jim Peadon with his Past Master's jewel.


W Bro Patrik Nillson handing over the Didtrict 49 travelling gavel which Russell will hold for 2 weeks before handing it over to Pambula Daylight.

The Festive Board followed the ceremony with the usual harmony, good food and enjoyable company. We all wish Russell and his officers a successful and productive year ahead for this great Lodge.