On Saturday 12th November 1988 at 2pm, MW Bro Ronald Johnson opened an Occasional Lodge in order to consecrate and bring into being Lodge Pambula Daylight, number 1000 on the register of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales. There were 37 petitioners who became founding members of the new Lodge one of whom was W Bro Arthur Charles Dawson. 30 years later on 24th November 2018 his son VW Bro Neil Arthur Dawson, PDGIW, was installed in the chair of that same Lodge. The Installing Master, W Bro Alf Gallina, the Lodge Secretary, responded to the importance of the occasion by carrying out a heartfelt and exemplary installation in the presence of the Representative of the Grand Master RW Bro Kevin Mulcahy, PJGW also a member of the Lodge. The Grand Director of Ceremonies, VW Bro Tom Peadon assisted in the ceremony at the invitation of the Worshipful Master.

A fraternal visit of some eleven members of the Lodge's adopted sister Lodge, Bairnsdale Daylight, undertook the three and a half hour journey to reclaim the travelling baton which has changed hands between the two Lodges for 11 years. Brethren from the Lodge's Grandmother Lodge at Bombala also took part in the ceremony as did Brethren from Cooma and Bega. Others came from South Sydney and District 49A. 


The Representative presenting the WM with his installed Master's certificate.


The delegation of Grand Officers.

dgiw rep wm im

The DGIW, VW Bro Ron Jaa, Representative, Worshipful Master and Installing Master.

pm jewel

The DGIW presenting the outgoing Master with his Past Master's jewel.


Russell Yelds WM of the Mountai Lodge, DGIW, Representative, Neil Dawson WM Pambula Daylight, Bill Hardy WM Bairnsdale Daylight, Oliver Wells, WM Union Lodge, Victoria, Paul Brennand, WM Lakes Entrance Lodge.

bairnsdale small

The Bairnsdale contingent.


The travelling baton being received by W Bro Bill Hardy to keep in safe custody for 6 months until it is retrieved.


The District 49 travelling gavel being presented by RW Bro Yelds after having held it for two weeks.

The Festive board followed the meeting and the two ladies who prepared it are to be congratulated for their wonderful efforts. The ladies are the outgoing Master's wife, Dee, and her Mother, May. They set up the tables and decorated them, cooked and served a wonderful meal and then tidied up, an amazing feat despite a problem with the potatoes.





Happy 30th Birthday Pambula Daylight.