Friday 1 February 2019 saw Bro Jose Ferrando raised to the 3rd degree at Lodge Cooma Monaro in the presence of some 40 Brethren which included visitors from all District 49B Lodges and several from Canberra. It was a unique ceremony in that all Lodge Offices, except for the Worshipful Master, and all the work was carried out by former District Grand Inspectors of Workings from District 49B. Needless to say the standard of the evenings ceremony was excellent and guaranteed to make the evening memorable for the Candidate. The District Grand Inspector of Workings, VW Bro Ron Jaajaa was in attendance as was VW Bro Roman Cholawinskyj the DGIW for neighbouring District 47. The Masters of Lodges Bega Remembrance, Pambula Daylight and the Mountain Lodge also attended and participated in the ceremony. The Master of the Bega Lodge, W Bro David Porter, provided the music for the evening, albeit electronically, and his efforts were much appreciated by all in attendance as a degree ceremony without music is just not the same.

all 2

All in attendance. (Mouse over for larger photo.)

dgiw jose

Jose being congratulated by DGIW Ron Jaajaa.

jose dgiws

......and Roman, DGIW District 47


DC for the night RW Bro Kevin Mulcahy, WM Patrik Nillson, Jose, Ron and Roman.

grand officers2

Grand Officers. (Mouse over for larger photo.)

In typical Cooma fashion, the South was a pleasure to attend. The food was excellent, the company was excellent and the speeches were brief and to the point. The WM, Patrik commented that the standard of work in the lodgeroom was something for the younger Brethren present to aspire to.

For the record the the former DGIW's who made up the Ceremonial Team were;-

Senior Warden: RW Bro Bruce Davies. PAGM

Junior Warden: RW Bro Kim Taylor. PJGW. (Tracing Board)

Director of Ceremonies: RW Bro Kevin Mulcahy. PJGW

Senior Deacon: VW Bro Bernie Alcock. PDGIW

Jumior Deacon: RW Bro Malcolm Privett. PJGW (Extended Signs)

Inner Guard: VW Bro Tom Peadon. PDGIW (Retrospect)

Raising: RW Bro Warren Bruce. PSGW

Traditional History and Final Charge: RW Bro Russell Yelds. PSGW

Working Tools: VW Bro Neil Dawson PDGIW.

Other Brethren who participated in the ceremony were:-

W Bro David Porter: Provider of music

W Bro Jim Peadon: Chaplain.