On Saturday 13th February the Mountain Lodge of Bombala held its first regular meeting in almost 12 months. The meeting was well attended with due regard for restrictions in place for the Covid 19 requirements. The main work for the night was the Raising of Bob Joseph, the Great Great Grandson of Hyam Joseph the foundation Senior Warden of the Lodge. He had been waiting for this moment since October 2019 thanks to the pandemic.

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The Immediate Past DGIW, VW Bro Ron Jaajaa, Bro Bob Joseph, RW Bro Russell Yelds, WM and the DGIW VW Bro Alf Gallina.

The meeting was also used to formalise the handover of the DGIW jewel which had previosly been transferred informally about a month previous.

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VW Bro Alf Gallina receiving the District 49B DGIW Jewel from VW Bro Ron Jaajaa, PDGIW.

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Ron's final duty as DGIW was the pleasure of presenting RW Bro Russell Yelds with his 50 year jewel and certificate:-

After the meeting Brethren retired to the South for the usual Mountain Lodge hospitality.