wm_thumbSaturday night, 15th September will, for some, be a night that will be remembered for quite a considerable time. It was a night of "firsts" but not for RW Bro Malcolm Privett who was reinstalled in the chair of King Solomon in Lodge Bega Remembrance for the third time. The installing Master was the Worshipful Master of Lodge Pambula Daylight, W Bro Fred Rubly, and because it was his first installation ceremony, Malcolm suggested it would be a nice idea to carry out a full installation. Fred responded to the idea and performed an excellent ceremony in the presence of some thirty eight Brethren including a Grand delegation of eleven. Fraternal visits were made by Lodge Cooma Monaro, Lodge Baddeley and Lodge Pambula Daylight. Several Brethren also travelled from Canberra for the occasion including VW Bro David Slater who filled in as organist and Herald for the evening.

Another "first" for the evening involved the handover of the DGIW Jewel and Patent of Office from the outgoing DGIW VW Bro Tom Peadon to the incoming DGIW VW Bro Kevin Mulcahy. This small but important ceremony was carried out while the Lodge was in the first degree in order that Kevin could the re-enter the Lodge as the Grand Master's representative, (for the first time), in the second degree accompanied by the Grand Delegation. 


The Grand Delegation minus RW Bro Chappie Munn who remained inside at the top of the winding stair.


Handover of Jewel and Patent from Tom Peadon (right) to Kevin Mulcahy (left). Tom and Kevin thanked the WM for giving them an appropriate venue for this exchange.


The new DGIW representing the Grand Master presenting the reinstalled Master with his certificate of re-installation.


An impromptu unscheduled presentation of a small token of appreciation to Tom for his work over the past 2 years.


The Installing Master W Bro Fred Rubly with the Lodge DC for the night, W Bro Berri Libauer of Lodge Cooma Monaro.


Grand Director of Ceremonies, RW Bro Warren Bruce with Representative, Worshipful Master and Installing Master.


Brethren in the South.........


......and in the North.


Representative, Worshipful Master and Gill, wife of WM.


W Bro Fre Rubly responding to the toast to the Installing Master.


RW Bro Russell Yelds toasting the DGIW's.


The cake expertly baked and decorated by Gill.


The WM and Wardens cutting the cake.


W Bro Peter Williams, Bombala, proposing the toast to the visitors.


WM and IPM of Lodge Cooma Monaro, W Bro Bernie Newman and VW Bro Ron Jaajaa, PDGDC.


W Bro Berri Libauer, Cooma and W Bro Alf Gallina, Pambula Daylight.

bernie_allcock         Harley_Jenkins

Bernie Alcock, Cooma.                               Harley Jenkins, Baddeley

Keith_AndersonSD         Keith_EvansSW

Keith Anderson, Bega, Senior Deacon.               Keith Evans, Bega, Senior Warden.


Tas Harlow, Bega, Chaplain.


(Photography by RW Bro Bruce Davies)