cert  August 60 years ago must have been a good month for initiations in District 105. On 7th August RW Bro Terry Twyford, PJGW, who was in Sydney for the Grand Installation, presented Stan Nichols, a long time member of Lodge Bega Remembrance, with his 60 year certificate at his home in Sydney. 10 Years ago Terry, as DGIW, presented Stan with his 50 year certificate. Stan came to Bega many years ago as the Manager of Southern Cross Machinery, married a local girl and retired to Sydney but remained a member of his Lodge.

Terry is shown here presenting Stan with his certificate and Stan's wife and Terry's sister joined in for a group photo.



IMG 3248





On Saturday night 13th August, the Mountain Lodge at Bombala honoured two of their long standing members with their 60 year certificates in the presence of a Fraternal visit from their sister Lodge in Victoria, the Orbost Lodge who  performed an exemplification of a 2nd degree in the Victorian Constitution. 31 Brethren were present including a Fraternal from Lodge Cooma Monaro and VW Bro Kevin Perry from Lodge Baddeley.


The DGIW VW Bro Tom Peadon presenting W Bro Peter Williams with his certificate.........


..........and W Bro Toby Guess with his.


The recipients, the DGIW and the WM for the evening RW Bro Warren Bruce, PJGW.


A fine body of men.