Lodge Bega Remembrance is experiencing an unexpected growth spurt with the Initiation of Adam Russell in August, David Twyford last night, 20th November 2019, a ballot has been held to Thomas Heffernan and an application for membership has been received from Mr Jayson Janiola. This is wonderful news for Freemasonry on the Far South Coast and augers well for the furyre of the Craft in this area. 

Some 21 Brethren attended the Initiation of David Twyford in the presence of the DGIW, VW Bro Ron Jaajaa. There were 10 members present, plus 11 visitors from Lodge Cooma Monaro, the Mountain Lodge, Bombala, and Lodge Pambula Daylight. The ceremony was conducted by the Worshipful Master, RW Bro Malcolm Privett. David was an excellent Candidate and follows the family tradition of membership of Lodge Bega Remembrance. David's Grandfather and Father, RW Bro Terry Twyford, were members of this Lodge and it is indeed unfortuante that Terry was called to the Grand Lodge above in January of this year as he would have been very please proud to see his son follow in the family footsteps.

david dgiw

The DGIW presents David with a Masonic lapel jewel.

dgiw david

....and a warm welcome into our Fraternity.


  Bro Robert Joseph, EA from Bombala, David Twyford, EA from Bega, the DGIW, RW Bro Privett, WM, Bro Adam Russell, EA Bega.