beer_thumbThe Mountain Lodge celebrated its 123rd installation in traditional country style on Saturday night 9th November 2013. The Lodge is well known for its hospitality and festive boards with plenty of home cooked roasts and sweets courtesy of the ladies of the Lodge.

W Bro Franz Grothe was reinstalled in the chair of King Solomon by W Bro Peter Williams in the presence of the Grand Master's Representative, RW Bro Bruce Davies, PAGM and a delegation 14 Grand Officers. The Grand Director of Ceremonies for the evening was RW Bro Russell Yelds who arranged for a change to normal protocol by having the delegation enter the Lodge in the first degree so their Entered Apprentice could witness the entry of the Representative.

39 Brethren from Canberra, Orbost, Bega, Pambula and Cooma witnessed the excellent ceremony which was conducted in accordance with ancient custom. The Brethren adjourned downstairs to the Festive Board for a supper of roast lamb and roast pork with all the trimmings. Sweets were also served in betwenn toasts and responses.


RW Bro Bruce Davies presenting the WM with his Installed Master's certificate.


The Grand Lodge delegation which includes 9 former and one current DGIW's.


The Represnetative Bruce Davies with the DGIW Kevin Mulcahy and a Past DGIW John Bellchambers from Canberra and another two PDGIW's in the background, George Cotterill and Kim Taylor.


The Festive Board


The WM responding to a toast.


The Representative responding to the toast to the Grand Master.


RW Bro Hugh Davies, the WM of Lodge Ethos presenting a bottle of amber liquid to the Master as a Fraternal gift from the Brethren of Lodge Ethos in Canberra.


WM of Lodge Cooma Monaro W Bro Berri Libauer with some harmony.


Some of the

..........and some more. Bless their souls, the food was wonderful. Thanks girls.


The Gift.


The label.

Until we meet again..........