W Bro Franz Grothe, Bro Travis Hallam and DGIW VW Bro Kevin Mulcahy

On Saturday 8th March 2014, Lodge Caledonia of Canberra paid a visit to the Mountain Lodge at Bombala for the purpose of passing their newly initiated Brother to the second degree. The Candidate was Sqnldr Bro Travis Hallen, a serving member of the Royal Australian AirForce and based for the time being in Canberra. Five brethren from Caledonia accompanied Travis led by their Senior Warden Marcello Alves. The work of the evening was carried out by the Brethren of the Mountain Lodge in the presence of 10 members and 14 visitors.

It is worth noting that no less than 8 Lodges were represented in the Lodgeroom including 4 Worshipful Masters from Lodge Bega Remembrance, Lodge Pambula Daylight, Lodge Cooma Monaro and Lodge Phoenix, a Sydney Lodge. Other Lodges represented were Ethos of Canberra and the Orbost Lodge of Victoria. Travis proved to be an exemplary Candidate and he enjoyed the evening immensely. He said in his response to his toast that he felt honoured to have been passed in a Lodgeroom which had so much history and he was impressed by the wonderful hospitality extended to him by the Brethren of the Mountain Lodge.

Travis and Marcello

Bro Jim Walden (Caledonia), Travis and Bro Marcello Alves (Caledonia)

Wal Hopkinson and Travis

RW Bro Wal Hopkinson presenting Travis with some documnets for his future use.

WM and Travis

W Bro Franz Grothe congratulating Travis on his Passing.

Jim Peadon & Cliff Cochrane

W Bro Jim Peadon and Bro Cliff Cochrane (Bega Remembrance)

Gallina and Williams

W Bro Alf Gallina (Pambula Daylight) and W Bro Peter Williams (Bombala)

DGIW and Charlton

DGIW Kevin Mulcahy and RW Bro Graham Charlton (Ethos)

Bro ? Libauer and Alvez

Bro Jim Walden (Caledonia), W Bro Berri Libauer (WM Cooma Monaro) and Bro Marcello Alves (SW Caledonia)

jaajaa, charlton, hopkinson

W Bro Ron JaaJaa (Cooma), RW Bro Graham Charlton (Ethos) and RW Bro Wal Hopkinson (Caledonia)

travis and wal

Travis and Wal Hopkinson at the foot of the winding stair.