Saturday 29th August saw another historic meeting for Lodge Pambula Daylight when their two new members who were initiated in June were passed to the second degree. 11 members and 12 visitors witnessed the ceremony which was conducted by VW Bro Neil Dawson as Worshipful Master for the evening by invitation. Brethren from Victoria, Bombala, Cooma and Bega not only attended but some filled in for absent officers who were unable to attend at the last minute.

The Candidates were exemplary as was the work of the ceremony especially the two Deacons who made the Candidates' enjoyment of the ceremony more memorable. Worthy of mention was the presentation of the Tracing Board by Bro John Donnelly from Lodge Cooma Monaro. It was extremely well done considering it was the first time he had presented it. A fine effort indeed.

The WM present Bro Larry Farrell and Bro Munro Jones with some of the usual paperwork.

As the DGIW, VW Bro Neil Dawson, who is also the Lodge Treasurer, occupied the chair for the ceremony he could not attend officially so when he handed the chair back to the Worshipful Master he retired and re-entered the Lodge formally as the DGIW and congratulated each Candidate prior to addressing the Brethren.

The DGIW responding to the toast to the Grand Master.

Festive Board

Festive Board.