Eden-Monaro covers an area of approximately 29,499 sq km from Queanbeyan to South Durras in the north, south to the Victorian border, extending to the southern and eastern borders of the Australian Capital Territory.
The main towns include Adaminaby, Batemans Bay, Bega, Berridale, Bodalla, Bombala, Braidwood, Bungendore, Captains Flat, Cooma, Dalmeny, Delegate, Eden, Jindabyne, Merimbula, Moruya, Narooma, Queanbeyan, Sutton and Tathra.

Products / industries of the area include timber, beef cattle, sheep and wool, dairy farming, dairy products and mixed farming. The Snowy Mountains hydro-electric scheme, snowfields and tourism are important industries for this division. It is one of the largest electoral regions in New South Wales stretching from the snowfields of Kosciusko to the sapphire waters of the Far South Coast. It also home to 7 Masonic Lodges which meet at Masonic Centres in Cooma, Bombala, Bateman's Bay, Moruya, Bega and Pambula in what is known as District 49 from 10th September 2014. These Lodges were formerly contained in two districts, 105 and 114 under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of NSW and ACT. See "Regions and Districts" in the main menu to the left. At the June 2016 Grand Communication it was announced that District 49 would split into two areas each with a DGIW in view of the geographical size of the total area and the time and risks taken visiting distant Lodges especially at night. The new districts are 49A in the North with 3 Lodges and 49B with 4 Lodges in the South. This change came into effect at the September 2016 Grand Communication and Proclamation. At the March 2019 Communication, Lodge Milton was added to 49A.

Fraternal Notices (Info taken from notice papers received):- 

All Masonic meetings have been cancelled until further notice in compliance with the current COVID-19 social distancing policy. Stay home and stay safe.


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  COVID-19 Urgent Notice

From the Grand Master - 16 March 2020

Brethren, the Government is enacting a stricter set of guidelines to contain and manage the Coronavirus - COVID-19, and it is now for us to also take appropriate steps to manage our own circumstances. We must ensure that this virus is contained and not be transmitted across the jurisdiction.

The Public Health Authorities are now recommending that we all keep a social distance from each-other with around a metre to a metre and a half between ourselves. We need to recognise this, along with our no hand shaking or touching guidelines.

Accordingly, the following guidelines will be in place for at least the next three months.

From today, the Grand Ceremonial Team will not be available to travel to attend your Installation or other Lodge function. We cannot continue to expose this large number of brethren, and their ladies, as surely as one contracts any symptoms, there is too great a risk to the other members of the Team. Also, we should not be exposing any local brethren by bringing the Team members into their area, as there is no guarantee that one or either of them, or indeed the Team member, is not a carrier. Remember, even if you only think you might have the symptoms, it does take time to have the testing process completed, and if you find yourself in this situation, you must self-isolate immediately.

It will be up to the Lodge to consider its own risk factors and conduct or cancel their Lodge meetings, as they see fit, taking note that any further direction from government agencies must prevail.

If a lodge meeting is conducted in a large room where there are few members, good ventilation, and a healthy separation between everyone in attendance, the decision to go ahead rests with the Worshipful Master. If the meeting is in a small, humid environment where members are in close quarters, it should not go ahead. Worshipful Masters should consider the risk factors, and the age profile of the members expected to attend, before proceeding. If there is any doubt, the RGC and/or the DGIW should be consulted.

If the meeting is to be a Lodge Installation, the Lodge should only expect those in the immediate area to attend, with travellers attending at their own discretion, and risk. The Grand Masters Representative will also be appointed from the immediate area, unless otherwise preferred by the nominated Representative. In all cases, the Grand Director of Ceremonies, and any other assistance, will need to be sourced from the local membership.

District and Regional meetings are not to be conducted in this period.

If any Lodge would prefer to cancel their Installation or meeting, a simple email or correspondence to the Grand Secretary is all that is required. The Constitutional Rules setting out the requirement for lodges to meet at particular times will be set aside during this period.

Brethren, please take care, and always be mindful of the health of your family and those around you.

So mote it be.