Letter from RW Bro Glen Green

04 December 2020

Grand Secretary, UGL of NSW & ACT
RWBro Stephen Green PDGM

Dear Sir & Brother,

I have been contacted today by the Grand Registrar, Rt Wor Bro Bill Whitby PDGM, requesting I consider withdrawing my Complaint made in April 2020.

Whilst initially I was not convinced to withdraw my complaint, during the course of the conversation with Rt Wor Bro Whitby today, he gave to me certain assurances from not only himself but also from the Grand Master and the Chairman of the Board of Management.

The main purpose of my initial complaint was to ensure fair and transparent procedures would be introduced to provide an election process acceptable to all Masons. I have now been given those assurances and further advised that changes to the voting process will be implemented with priority. To this end, the goal of my complaint has been achieved.

I have now considered my conversation with the Grand Registrar and in reliance of the statements and assurances made to me by the Grand Registrar, not only on his own behalf but also that of the Grand Master and Chairman of the Board, I have decided in the best interests of Freemasonry to withdraw my Letter of Complaint.

In doing this, I am putting the best interests and harmony of the Craft and my Brother Masons foremost in my thoughts and actions above all else.

Yours Fraternally,

Glen Green